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Brandon: Junjam, the ebike helmet you need! It's comfortable and lightweight, the rear led lights keep you be seen in the dark night, while you're riding the electric bikes, or cycling the onewheels.-Customer Reviews

Aug 22,2023 | Junjam® Electric Bike Helmet Online Store

Video Copyright: https://www.youtube.com/@TeslaFPV

Video Subtitles:

Total along with the foam padding, it's super soft super comfortable.

Of course, now that you know it's lightweight, and also, ventilated you got the holes in there.

You got some good airflows and I mentioned safety a lot. So this e-bike helmet is triple certified in accordance with en 1078 cpsc and NTA 8776 safety standards. You can look these up I won't go too much into detail and bore you. Now you know that these electric modes of transportation bikes, skateboards, onewheel, longboard. They travel faster than the manual using ones.

So this helmet is safe rated for class 3 e-bike, scooters, onewheels. All that good stuff that means if you fall and you have an impact at those High rates of speeds. This helmet can protect your head. that's the difference between this helmet and like a normal bike helmet.

The light that I love so much only takes two hours to charge and it can be used for 10 hours. It's LED, so it's bright doesn't take up a lot of energy and you can come home pop some on the charger take it out, really you only probably have to charge this once a week if that definitely.

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